Grafkom went to Tallinn to meet with the Association of Estonian Printing & Packaging Industry (AEPPI). About 50 companies that are curios about the swedish printing industry showed up to listen to Ola and Magnus from Grafkom, among other things.

– It was really great to meet with Katre Savi and the members of Estonian trade association. And wonderful to see so many young people that has a strong belief in the future of print, says Magnus Thorkildsen from Grafkom.

9 companies have confirmed they will come to Print Next

The visit was an success and 9 companies have already signed up for Print Next 19, hopefully even more will come.

– We are thrilled at Grafkom that so many companies have already signed up. Print Next is truly becoming a meeting place for the printing industry in the Nordics and Baltics, and we are honored to bring all these companies together, so they can exchange knowledge and potentially become business partners, says Magnus Thorkildsen.

Two more speakers from Estonia

Katre Savi, Chief Executive of AEPPI has been a confirmed speaker for some time. But we can now happily announce that she will be joined by Karol Karu and Piret Närep from K-Print on the Print Next stage.